Terms of Use

User Responsibility (or Terms of Use)

User Responsibility (a key part of Terms of Use) is the process of Protecting Identity, Personally-Private, Private, Privileged and capital “P” Public (registry) Information are the joint responsibility of CS4 (employees and contractor) and you (the Individual and Owner of your data) as “Users” of the Health Information System in their assigned roles and responsibilities. The summary of the CS4 Personal Information Privacy and Protection Policy (“PIP3”) is described separately. The Terms of Use defines each party’s responsibilities as a User of the Health Information System to protect privacy and protect the information contained in the Health Information Services.

Terms of Use: Any User who accidentally or inadvertently gains access to personally private information shall report the incident to the CS4 Security Officer  (security.officer@whoknozme.com).  The User is required to secure and not distribute their username and password to anyone (period). If you required a guardian, co-User or Health or other legal Representative who is acting as a “substitute Owner_User” there is a formal process to follow and CS4 is available to assist. In the case of a caregiver managing an extended family aka children, elders and/or other spouse the Owner of the data repository is the specified family member (child or parent) but the Owner_User is Caregiver. The process is managed though the creation, management and notification to participating parties in the relationship. The Registrar@whoknozme.com is the custodian of the relationships involving other parties.

Security Classifications of Data:

Personally- Private – User has exclusive access to create and view their own information or information they manage for another owner.

Private – User grants or revokes access (view) to certain Personally-Private information. Relationships between people and companies and employees of companies are jointly know by each party to the relationship.

Privileged – is information about you that CS4 needs to know to manage the Health Information Services.

Public (Secured) – is information contained in CS4 Registries (Individuals and Employees of a Company) that requires a specified level of personal knowledge to use. Public data about you or others exists in the public domain. Example is a list of Medical Practitioner available through a directory on the College of Dental Surgeons etc.

The use of the Secure Public and Public Directors are only available to Users from within their Personally-Private information repository.

The Registry of Individuals, Companies and relationship involving other Individuals or Employees of companies may not be used for solicitation processes.