Event Timelines

15 02 2018

CS4 PIP3 and EU GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

The announcement of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations will ultimately influence how personal information privacy and protection policies are implemented and enforced. The effort underway is to compare our current PIP3 with the GDPR to identify any implementation gaps. Of particular interest is the implementation of Forget and Erase.

15 07 2017

PRV-ACUTE - Privacy Role Validation - Access Create Update Transact Encrypt

PRV-ACUTE extends the existing “Privacy by Design” available in the WhoKnozMe object-relational data model. The service allows the owner/user to establish precise privacy, protection and access rules for a set of objects or a single specific object. There are recommended or default settings for PRV-ACUTE which can be hardened or softened based on the users assessment risk.

22 12 2017

BC MoH Health FOIR Optimization Collaboration

While under consultation beginning in early 2017, CS4 presented Health FOIR Optimization Collaboration to Partnerships and Innovation. The Collaboration was presented jointly by CS4 and ESIT Advanced Solutions. The concept outlined a patient and provider centric opportunity to introduce a patient-led province wide:

  1. Single Unified Medical Information System (MIS) designed to compliment and supplement existing facility EHR and physician EMR application. Plus,
  2. Health System Navigation (Medical, Health and Wellness) integrated within the patient and provider portal applications. The Services Provider Registry is curated by the domain experts.
15 August 2016

Personal Information Privacy and Protection Policy - A Strategic Imparative

Collaborative Solutions (CS4), as far back as December 2015, was studying the various Health Systems and Health Freedom of Information Request (“HFOIR”) and Personal Information Privacy processes in Canada BC, Alberta and Ontario. There emerged a set of common patterns including types and sources of patient data resulting from within medical services delivery model and paid for by each provincial health insurance program. Further there was and remains conflicts between the laws giving the patient access to their data (HFOIR) and governments vigilance in personal information privacy and protection.

31 March 2016

WhoKnozMe (relModeller 2.1) Released

BC Technology Summit 2016 was a great opportunity to showcase not only the emergency medical summary but the more robust personal medical summary with ICD9 Procedures and the first prototypes of lab results tracking.

20 November 2015

Life Sciences BC - Conference

CS4 has completed sufficient data model testing and  functionality in the medical application to begin unveiling the WhoKnozMe – LifeLine Patient-Centered ePHRecord and Digital Logbook. The tools create Treatment Plans and a list of recurring actions plus the tools to create logbook transactions as evidence of following the Plans would be discussed.

30 April 2015

Medical Information Framework

Clinical-Quality Patient-Centered electronic Personal Health Record (ePHRecord) and Treatment Planning would require as number of industry standard data sets that could be exchanged between our ePHRecord system and Physician Clinical eMR and Facility (Hospital) eHR systems. CS4 loaded the entire ICD9 (15k records) provisions to upgrade to ICD10 have been included. We also loaded the Canada DIN (Medicinal Products) and then the ICD9 Procedures data sets. The first prototype of Observation List was created to illustrate the LifeLine and Treatment Planning processes.

29 June 2014

relBuilder to relModeller 2.x - Object-Relational Data Model

After studying the HL7 (Health Level Seven) Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) and the comparing the existing relBuilder object-relational model, we completed the design and first functional implementation of relModeller 2.x. It features substantial improvements to the business-object header to support object-level security, broaden the list definitions to include coded lists, actions and transactions. The planning was well underway for the Medical Information Framework.

First prototypes of the Search and Focus (tree view) and LifeLine (time line view).

15 Demember 2013

Founder and CTO

Ibrahim A Hamouda became founder and collaborator along with his company Sphinx Technology International Inc. of Calgary Alberta.

Sphinx (Ibrahim) had made great progress in secure document mapping and exchange applications which could be directly applied to the HL7 Messaging xml standard using the Sphinx commercial xml exchange strategies used for his successful commercial document exchange services tools were licensed to ITCanDox operating in Alberta. Mr. Hamouda is a principal owner in ITCanDox.

23 July 2013

Incorporation Date

The company was founded on July 23, 2013 by;

  1. Paul F Davis
  2. Janice R Davis
  3. James R Marlon-Lambert