Our Team

Paul F Davis
President – Founder - Director
Architect and visionary of the Collaborative Solutions and WhoKnozMe®. Has 40 years experience in electrical engineering, technical solutions sales of CAD-CAM, GIS and document management solutions. Co-created and architect of relBuilder/relModeller an object-relational business, human intelligence and social network platform. Business management, evaluations and M&A, Boards of public, private and not-for-profit companies.
James R. Marlon-Lambert
Chairman + Founder
Collaborative Solutions mentor, researcher and believer in social responsible business as strategy to impact social change in health care delivery. Has 50 years experience in Computer Applications in Civil, Structural, Geological and Mining Engineering. Founder-Director of TSX-Listed IPO 1997 takeover 2007.
Janice R Davis
Founder + Corporate Secretary
Collaborative Solutions inspiration and details-person with 30 years in public education from classroom to management. Served as board member and co-chair on multiple socially responsible Non-Profit -Organizations including Women’s Transition House.,a
Ibrahim A. Hamouda
CTO – Founder - Director
Collaborative Solutions technical, hosting, compliance and security expert with 30 years expense in engineering and IT solutions development and hosting. Architect and developer of ITCANDOCs messaging and eDocument exchange solutions used in the CS4 Multi-Function Platform.


Founders and Directors:

  • Three of four founders are diabetic and/or complex care patients having participated at all stages of the patient and caregiver spectrum.
  • We are not medical practitioners. …We are Engineers and IT Professionals working from the patient and health representative side of the gurney.


  • Eric Topol, MD – “The Creative Destruction of Medicine“, Basic Books, 2012 Plus “The Patient will see you now” 2015.
  • Tom Ferguson, MD – “e-Patient White Paper with Afterword“, e-Patients Scholars Working Group, 2007/2013