F2018 AGM December 4, 2018

  1. A resumption of the AGM adjourned to complete the Management Discussion and Analysis.
  2. Agenda was expanded with a motion to grant options to patient support organizations in an equal value to licensed purchased by their members or community of supporters.

BC Tech Summit 2017 WhoKnozMe – Booth 561B – Innovation Runway

Collaborative Solutions for Active Living Inc. (“CS4”) is participating at the BC Tech Summit 2017. The summit is sold out. The Summit attracts BC entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capital companies.

CS4 is unveiling our last version of our Patient-Centered WhoKnozMe LifeLine ePHRecord, Digital Logbook and Treatment Planner applications plus a collaboration to implement a Health Information eXchange, Health Information System “Medical Practitioner – Patient Medical Report” and our Patient-Centered – Health Innovation and Research Platforms.

We are seeking:

  1. Partner(s) to assist in developing our distribution and customer support network (franchise like). Please drop by to discuss your ideas.
  2. Innovators interested in developing a collection of Medical Practitioner specific apps and applications for Medical and Allied Medical Practitioners and Healthcare Service Providers in the delivery of patient-centered services as part of the continuity-of-care. advocacy, navigation and patient-journey generally paid for by secondary health and benefits insurers or directly by the patient.

The foundation of the continuity-of-care is based on WhoKnozMe LifeLine ePHRecord, Digital Logbook and Treatment Planner. The innovation opportunity is to create best-practice templates for each field of medial practice plus health and safety assessment tools, standard care models for medical and living assistance which can then be adapted by practitioners and services providers to fit their unique diagnostic, treatment or service delivery models.

Streamlined Registration Process

Additional streamlining of Get Started Registration bypasses the more detailed identity services and shopping cart process to get the user started faster. License enforcement is planned to be implemented Q1-2017 so have at it.

Advance Security Update

As part of the ongoing implementation of our Personal Information Privacy and Protection Policy PIP3, we updated the “My Account” and “My Profile” to include the user of PIN, Question and Answers plus Password Reset replaces Password Recovery.


WhoKnozMe initial commercial release 2.1 Published

The first set of full commercial features we placed in limited release under the version 2.1 of both the relModeller 2.1 object-relational data model and the patient-portal also 2.1.1.

The relModeller 2.1 release has been extremely stable for over a year and has being undergoing upgrades to support the Medical Information Framework.